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Detected After Dark is a FREE-TO-PLAY hand-drawn horror Spot-the-Difference game with an 18+ twist. The game will have you looking through multiple surveillance cameras for; abnormal changes to the environment, weird and strange anomalies, and possibly raunchy intruders.

You'll have to report all your findings as they come and survive the entire night before too many anomalies consume your mind.


This game will be FREE-TO-PLAY during it's entire development duration. 

Every new update will include new rooms and levels and the amount of new content and growth will depend on your interest, generosity, and support. Please check our Patreon milestone to see what to expect in the next update!

If you enjoy the game, please consider supporting the development of it on Patreon and if you can't support directly, spread the word and tell your friends about this FREE-TO-PLAY game!


We've put a lot of heart and care into providing a short, challenging but fulfilling experience with tons of replayability! Every room has anywhere between 20-25 anomalies and it'll be impossible to see them all in one successful playthrough.

Game inspired by Zaster's 'I'm On Observation Duty'

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Creepy, Dark, Erotic, Psychological Horror, Ren'Py, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Alpha 0.1.2a-WIN & LIN
Alpha 0.1.2a-MAC

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I like the game, but it's freaking hard! Even if you choose "easy".  I haven't seen not even one lewd scene. lol

I don't know if it is a glitch, but I can't notice when an object grows or shrinks. I have to guess every time. 

Looking forward to seeing how the project improves.

this game is not fun at all, having to scan over minute details for anomalies isn't fun at all, and this game entices you with erotic images and nothing more, just play something else.

i cant download it, it says "this title is hosted in an incompatible third-party website", can someone tell me whats wrong and how i can fix it

I have the same problem but I played it in the past so I'm not so sure.


While playing the game, it keeps popping up like this and the game turns off.
Please tell me the solution.


dont swap cameras while reporting

Deleted post

Is anyone else having issue of reporting an anomoly and the game just crashes?

I am. Both maps, not sure what is causing it.


i had figured out that if you had reported something that had happened, then switched to a different room( i.e. bathroom to living room) for some reason the game bugs out. Best to just stay on the same room until the anomaly is fixed, then it's safe to move to the next room

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This a great game!

Not it just me, but I'm experiencing a serious lag in the game, everytime when the time reaches 12:44, the game lags very hard.

I hope you are able to update soon!

Lots of love!


This looks amazing ,Im wondering if your going to add a android version of this later


I wish there was a cheat sheet or something so I could compare the differences easier, but it's still a really good game!


Been playing a round of this every few days for about a month now, really enjoy it. Sometimes the differences feel cheap, but most of the time discovering one feels like a real achievement.
My only real gripe with the game is the rate at which nsfw content spawns. While I do get the occasional dildo, I have only discovered one real 18+ event  (in the basement). I'm not sure if my luck is bad or if the rate actually just isn't very high. Maybe a mode that increases the likelihood of lewd events occurring could be a future addition to the game?
Overall, though, fun puzzle game and I'm looking forward to more updates!


After 3H of playing the Game I only got the Dildo on the Wall, in the Kitchen, the 18+ content is EXTREMELY rare

O jogo é divertido no entanto estou com problemas para tirar screen shots


Holy Crap, if this is only the beginning, I cannot wait to see future updates!

For a free to play, this is quality.

I was randomly looking through hentai games and fell on this one. I saw the Game Grumps play the actual I'm on observation duty and I have to say I got curious. Tried it, fell in love with it almost immediately.
The art style is cute and simplistic and it looks like you can't be scared, but some of the anomalies are actually really frightening.   
The fact that the game is almost completely silent makes it even creepier.

This game is HARD, I already have about 30 tries and only got to 4:30. Even though the graphics looks simplistic, some of the anomalies are actually really challenging to find, but that's what makes the game fun. 

I have a bug(?) where when I get on the living room camera, a line of code is always showing and I can always see the timers for whenever there is a new anomaly, how many there are and when a new ambient sound will come up and I have not found a way to get it off my screen. 

Great game. Did not fall on anything extremely NSFW yet, not that it's a problem (Got jump scared once though).

Continue the hard work, will definitely be looking out for new updates in the future, and when I'll be more stable economically, I'll help on Patreon.


Oh, wow. Thanks for that! Those lines are used for bug testing and I must've accidentally left that in.

I too found out about I'm On Observation Duty from the Game Grumps and decided to make my version of it. Thanks for the review and feedback!

I dont know how many people use the itch launcher, but for me i am unable to install it from there, it says that "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website" even though it seems able to download or install like any other itch game


I played about 20 rounds and managed to succeed twice :D

The concept is addicting, but  the interesting( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/spooky anomalies very rarely appear, and even then only much later in the rounds (at least for me), which already feel very drawn out. 

The game was fun at first, but later on I felt like I was just looking for the growth/shrink anomalies the entire time. They're too common and feel like the sole focus of the game, not to mention that some of them are impossible to notice unless you screenshot the rooms and later compare them to their normal state.

The worst size change offenders I've noticed are the big picture (living room), boiler (basement) and the laundry bowl (bedroom). The carpets are a bit cheeky, but easy after you notice them the first time.

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Aye congrats! Later in the night tends to include anomalies that are either harder to spot or more rewarding to find.

A few people have mentioned the growth and shrink anomalies and I also found some of them a little hard to notice. It's difficult to find a middle ground because they're either not noticeable enough or too obvious with a tiny window where it's the perfect size change. But even then it's subjective to everyone. 

Once you know how the size relates to other parts of the room, they're easy to spot like comparing anything else. With that being said, I will probably go in and resize some of the more troubling ones.

So after giving it more time, I was able to finally make it to around 4:30 am, problem is, I got a game over not too long after for having too many anomalies, but I never got any notice that I had too many anomalies.

The warning only shows up once per attempt.

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The warning never showed up prior though. Also that seems like an unfair difficulty spike.

My guess is that maybe a report was made at the exact same time the anomaly went off, which is very hard to do but may possibly be the reason for it to not show up or get overwritten at the wrong time.

My reasoning for it only popping up once per attempt is that the warning acts solely as like a 'wake up call' to tell you the player that they're missing things, if the warning goes off every time x anomalies are active it will 1) be too annoying and obnoxious 2) the player will be too reliant on using that system.

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I keep losing on the first night and i think it's either bc it's hard to notice when an object has grown or shrunk or bc i don't know what you mean by "misc" or "space warp"

Anyway could you give me a hint of how those anomalies look like? 

There is currently no anomalies under 'misc', that is there for when there might be anomalies that don't fall into any other category.

For space warp, it's sorta self-explanatory, the space of the room warps and distorts but how it differs from a camera malfunction is that it won't warp the furniture, only the space. There's a quick tip that explains it.

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I want to say this game is a neat concept, but I seriously think something is broken. I've gone through it at least 12 times now, and on each and every single run it ends with exactly 4 missing.

Because I thought I was just bad at spotting changes, I took screenshots of the game when it first started, and alt-tabbed to them to spot differences immediately, and as I thought nothing changes except for what I listed above. This was a last resort, though.

I'd also like to note that the warning sound is extremely startling since the game has no ambience, so the sound ends up being loud and sudden.

Also, please make it so that the report menu automatically changes to the room you're actively in.

Hi, it ends with exactly 4 missing because you're allowed 3 anomalies active (that's when the warning shows up) and then on the 4th anomaly, you get a game over. That's why there's always 4 missing.

You didn't list anything though?

Oh yeah, the warning is startling, it's- one of the few jumpscares in this horror game, sorry.

I could try and make it so that it changes according to the room you're in, that'll be in the next update. Good suggestion.

anyone know a fix to the anomalies not showing on screen

You sure you just didn't spot the difference?

fun and addicting would recommend.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

I don't like spoilers but i have a question. To know what you mean with "I know you are strong but..." i have to play another night or...?

Just some lore stuff

a. ok


By the way great game!!!! In the porn aspect and the horror too (I was able to experience the "I´m coming and my soul is going"


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A quick review of the game. I love it and hate it. The reason why I hate it is because my eyes just miss something so obvious or something that changed while I was checking other cameras. Although, it is pornographic. But it is still a good game to train your eyes on. But it's frustrating that you miss so many changes and it was simply right in front of you and you keep looking into cameras and still can't find anything. 

Add more dildos or something, the game is really fun to play and it's fun to train your eyes at the same time. (By the way, if you can. Maybe do it SFW too. I doubt this game won't get popular later of how complex it is)

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A SFW/Censored feature is one of the things that I intended to add in the beginning and will probably be included in the next update!

Thank you so much for the review, glad you enjoy/despise it! :D

Augh!! Almost made it through the night but wasn't able to classify an anomaly in the bathroom. 😩 Other than that, this game is so much fun, and surprisingly scarier than I expected! I'm already pretty jumpy, but anytime I saw an intruder my soul ascended. Excited to see updates for this!

As someone who made the game, it's hard for me to actually judge how scary or creepy they are so I'm glad they have that effect. Glad you enjoy the game!

super fun and interesting so far! it took a bit, but i managed to get through the night. looking forward to what you'll add in the future

Awesome! Congrats on a successful run through :D New room hopefully coming early next month

Does it have jumpscares? Just to know if I should be cautious about the jumpscares or not.

It's subjective. Things tend to appear out of no where, usually when you least expect it but there are no stereotypical sudden jumpscare noises.

In the next update, there are various sound effects for ambience and to indicate a new anomaly which might startle some but nothing over the top.

Thanks for telling me that! I am not really into scary games, but I play only if I am not scared of the game I am playing because I tend to close the game when something scary happens.

yeah no worries, I'm not a big fan of horror either but this one is pretty mild. It'll help to play it on a small window XD

great game and all but the anomaly part is a little bit confusing because I have no idea what I'm looking for a just a tutorial or when u press the help button it show pics of what the different anomaly's look like all and all great game love to see where it goes

Thanks for the feedback, the anomalies are pretty self-explanatory though in the report tablet. It obviously takes some trial and error because it's that type of game but once you see the change, it can only be so many options.

I've added quick tips before the level starts that sometimes explains the differences between confusing anomalies like the difference between an 'intruder' and a 'ghost' is if the entity looks to have flesh, it's an intruder.

'Space warp' distorts the room only and doesn't affect the furniture whilst a 'camera malfunction' affects the entire screen equally.

Can u make it downloadable on the itch.io app?

After i play this game and keep dead for 11 times but it fun. But my only problem is which object is extra or missing. Maybe i dumb even it true that i dumb. On attempt 11. i take screenshot and compare it. And it bad idea or because i blind because i still dead.

But fun game. Look forward for next update
P.S. Sorry for my grammar because it second language.

Thank you for playing!

Extra object is if a new object is in the room.
Object missing is if an object is gone from the room.

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Sent a bug report about it but I appear to have a consistent memory leak or some other lag issue around 12:40 on the clock.

-Update- Seems the 32 bit .exe is fine.

I can't get it to lag, it must be a memory issue so I'll see what I can do in the code to help clean and load memory more efficiently. 

For a temporary fix, closing and reloading the game would probably help.

Deleted 339 days ago

Seems pretty cool. Can't wait to see more!

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Thanks for checking it out!


I just wanted to see the lewd tbh, I'm horrible at games that require attention lol. Thoughts on a difficulty setting? Maybe on easier difficulties only the more noticeable anomalies occur?


Hey, I've added a difficulty feature that will be included in the next update. The easy setting will give you an extra life and audio cues that trigger 50% of the time whenever a new anomaly pops up. That should make things a little easier for those who wish.


I ate an orange while playing this game


Did it help your detection skill?





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Just had a moment of noticing an anomoly I'm certain I had missed several times before and it inspired me to review the game but I'll post a short version here too.

It's super satisfying noticing something you missed after those first runs being so stacked against you and that feeling becomes more common as your familiarity grows. Definitely worth taking you time to fail a few times and get the hang of things. It's a slow burn of satisfaction. 

Oh and some of these anomolies are good tricks. One of the Hallway ones really floored me when I got it.


Thanks for the review! Super appreciate it :D


Man this is a pretty difficult game

It does take some trial and error, it's a learning curve. In the next update, there'll be some audio cues added to help a little.


the object shrink/growth is so hard for me to notice lo


They honestly are for me as well. I tried to make them generously different in size but I may need to make some of them even more obvious. Thanks for the feedback. 


No problem, but besides that i love the game and im definitely gonna keep playing it


I feel like that is what's getting me all the time.

(2 edits) (+1)

Idea if this doesn't already exist. Can you add like a little chime or something to notify people that a anomaly has occurred. And also do the anomalies always happen on camera or is it that it happens and if u saw it u saw it?

I'm spending more time than I should on this but I wanna win.


Got a few requests to add some sorta sfx indication for when things have changed and I'll implement that in the next update but I'll probably make it so it only occurs 30% of the time (just to see how that feels).  I still want to keep the feeling of paranoia by having the player still actively keep an eye out and question whether things have changed or not so I won't have it happen ALL the time.

Anomalies happen regardless of whether you're looking at the same room or not. Obviously it happens more often off screen because there's more rooms that you aren't looking at then are but when you do catch it, that's an easy report for you.


I think the whole point is not knowing when things are different and having to pay attention.

Adding a sound will negate that. Perhaps certain anomalies can warrant a sound however either way I'd personally prefer it be an option if it gets added.


That's a good idea, might add a 'difficulty' feature.


OMG I'm so blind XD

Great game, I like the I'm On Observation Duty gameplay and your art style make it better.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

been at this for hours and I'm losing my marbles 

Some are harder to spot, the harder ones are deeper into the night whereas the more obvious ones are early into the night.


beat it, got a migraine but beat it. it was possibly luck there, good game man!


also managed to find a bug in the bathrooms, sent the info through google forms

Congratulations! And thanks, I'll take a look at them and fix it for the next update.

So you took someone elses idea and added porn.

You could at least be honest with the inspiration in your description.


That's a fair suggestion!


Sweet, I have no problem with people making their own take on other games as long as proper credit is given somewhere, ya know?

Otherwise I like what you have created here and am genuinely impressed that it's built in Ren'py.


Yeah, I understand that, thanks for calling me out on it.

The programmer who helped build the system is a wizard, he's helped me work on more complicated system on scrapped projects.