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ok so a few questions before i download : can we customize character like buy clothes,change hair or piercings ect and are there yaoi options or only female options?? and can we get tattoos because yum, btw did you notice the dad from what i can see of his picture looks like the dad from inside out? and how do we hang out with jacob????????

i dont usually play story base game like this, but this game change m mind about it. Love it so much ( the mom part is the best), keep the good work and hope to see the full game or another one like this (hope it free too =))

sorry for the terrible english T_T


I love this so far! I have one question though, I have to visit the beach to continue Hitomi's side quest but I go there and I find this girl who is undressing in the changing rooms and she disappears but the quest doesn't update and I'm not sure where to go from there.

When will the final game be released?


Using the client presently, and for some reason it does not want to download this version of the game. There are no error messages, that I can see.


Hi there, same happening here.
The problem, afaik, is that the game is NOT hosted in, but in mega instead, so im guessing that the problem is the interaction between the 2 servers. Hope they fix it soon enough...


Looking at the error, I don't think the problem is mega per se, but I imagine that mega doesn't allow regular HTTP and instead wants HTTPS. 

Here's what the error looks like, in case the devs are curious

so i got the the snack on your patreon, may i ask how it works?

Loved this! Can't wait for more of this (if there will be)!

Interesting! Looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks, Alpha 0.03 - Public Release is going live in a few days! :D

Great artwork!


I love the alpha version of this game already! Good artwork. The kitchen whiteboard doodles made me laugh. Look forward to the game's full version. Oh, here's a short gameplay video with music added.