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Anyone else this same issue when trying to download it?

'The file you are trying to download is no longer available'

where is the fight club??

Side of the school at night. Lights're on, can't miss it.


The project is dead?🤔


itso n steam of f95 fif your feeling cheeky

Can any one pls tell me how to increase MC's Skill levels without cheating 

You likely found your answer by now but I'll write this for anyone else who wants an answer:

Intelligence is increased once a day at school by studying
Charisma is increased at night via the club
Strength is increased at night at the cafeteria by fighting
Stamina is increased once a day by running at the park
Luck will be implemented in a later build of the game.

Hope this helps.

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why is this the 0.25b build when the 0.27 build was released already?

Pretty sure this is as good as the demo's getting for a while without paying for the steam release


How LGBT friendly is the game?


It mainly caters to a straight / male audience.


I guess that has it's place as well. Thanks


Will the Steam version be different?

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So playing the new version and ok I'm going to say it. Assuming theres any sort of multiple choose your partner ending. My first playthrough would be Jane. But my second would be Luna. She's an amazing character. Most of the characters are fascinating in their own rights. if this was a traditional dating sim I'd want to get pretty much any of the characters ending. Shoutouts to the ghans who I think may be a bit of a tribute to Hanniferjane the trio of not quite bullies from Longstory. Also Zariah is fun.


Run into a bug talking about day 7 and if I sleep through it the bug pops up for day 8 couldn't find gui main clock.

Also I got as far as the jane breastfeeding where do we unlock the rest?


This dev is trash. one of the laziest people on patreon.


I'm curious to your argument why?

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Well, now that i have played the demo, definitly i'm looking foward to play the steam version (AND HOPE IT IS NOT CENSURED) and help at least in my way to help the developers (even i don't know how exactly it works but ok).

I hope to see this game shine like a diamond.

When's the next update?

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the game is still being updated, problem is, is that the latest builds are on patreon, the latest version is Alpha 0.30, released on the 14th of September, 2020.

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Absolutely love the game. Not an absolute fan of the artwork and animation, but I'm fine with it for the most part. The story writing for the characters are great, though I'm not a fan of the main story, to me, it conflicts with the sense of style the rest of the game has. It's like watching a romance comedy only to suddenly be hit with horror jump scares as the movie script tries to shove down your throat the fact that the film is meant to be Horror with hints of rom-com.I'd love a gallery feature to added, where you can revisit *cough* sensual *cough* scenes. Loving the stories of the romanceable characters, they really make you feel connected to the characters as you help them through their highs and lows. By far one of my favourite NSFW Visual Novels! Keep up the good work.


Just posted a video, where I recommend the game! Hope more people get to know this super fun game. Much success GeeSeki


Fuck! Played the game by the version here on Itch, and then discovered that there is a new version on Patreon!


Is there a way to download the game that isnt mega. My computer doesnt quite agree with it.

this image had me rolling on floor

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Is there any m/m options there? If not, it always sounds too funny to me when an adult game promises all kind of kinks and naugthy actions and avoids m/m by all cost.That's just silly)


None that I saw


Why would that be silly? If the creator doesnt want to do it it's their prerogative. Unless you're implying sexual orientation is just a fetish, which seems...not so great an implication

Im new into this, and i do like incest (dont judge), and the game said it didnt condone incest in it...

What pinalty do i get for using it (is it a cutout for every incest-be scene, or what what?)


No penalty


what are the cheats????


Can the dog be adoptable in the future updates? Hes so lonely at the park and just always sits there. Poor doggo.

Can't download.It starts and in one nanosecond it's gone.

For me it says cannot open file :(

how to earn INT points?

Go to school, then to class then click on your desk and study


Has anyone else run into a glitch with the principal in 0.27?

Is it the glitch where when you talk to the principle, it's just the same dialogue of you giving her a massage and stuff cause that's what's been happening to me. I can't even skip it cause there's no option to.

I've also been having this glitch where when I go to the beach on Saturday morning for Hitomi, all I do is trip and fuck her, is there something else I'm supposed to do?

Yes, the massage text for the work in progress scene.  At the end of the sequence, I get teleported into one of the changing tents.  Her points go up, but the sequence doesn't count as finished.  The debug area doesn't not give us an option to advance her story.

As far as Hitomi, each time you have an encounter, your relationship goes up a point.  Once she's at 6, you can invite her to your living room for sex.

Ok so I should basically wait until a patch update for Principal Lashley, but for Hitomi, I already have the option to invite her to my home, but it still says that I should go to the beach every Saturday.

A relatively minor glitch.  I have her at 10, but the activity is still possible. 

Oh ok cool

can we expect an update soon?


The Patreon page says May.

$10+ Patrons - Alpha 0.28 - 3rd of May
$7+ Patrons - Alpha 0.28 - 10th of May
$5+ Patrons - Alpha 0.28 - 14th of May
$3+ Patrons - Alpha 0.28 - 17th of May
Free Public - Alpha 0.27 - 17th of May

It's still Alpha 0.25 Free public in here:( 

does anyone have a Walkthrough of The Jane route?


Will there be pregnancy?

i played the game a lot and got up to a part where theres no colours and its just sketchers, is this meant to happen because it's alpha or is it a glitch?

That's probably because the artist hasn't finished those yet.


are there yaoi options yet?


Okay I go to the beach Saturday morning but nothing happens and I assume there's some fort of glitch here because of it. No event with Hitomi or anyone happens really. What am I missing or overlooking? Or should I just start over?

Also anyone else notice the Effie loop glitch? I can't visit her house without getting caught in a loop where I either have fun with her or reject her on loop. I end up either having to reload last save or spamming back until I'm no longer in the encounter. If anyone has a solution for this I'd be greatly appreciative


How is luck increasing?
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I know it's probably unrealistic but I hope there's a happy ending with our twin. she's the only character i feel any connection. ( BTW i chose to have a land lady they both called her mom and then there were some weird glitches that referred to the MC as sister and the twin as brother) also it'd be hilarious if you named yourself Jaime and your Twin Cersei if there was an easter egg.

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Play the card game at the comic shop


why has this stopped updating here

After playing the latest version this is definitely a game I'll be supporting on Patreon in October, I hope you meet all your goals GeeSeki


Where is hitomi at the beach ????


you have to wait till weekend morning

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Came for the porn. Stayed for the story.

Jane's side story really hit me in the feels.

Also, I have no idea what to do with Hitomi's side story. Visit the beach? I can't find her.

After mr smith goes out for a few days at night when i go to mrs smith's room there is a goal of looking for her but she's in room but when i click on her Doesn't count. what do I do?

Have you gone to the Lake?

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