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A Town Uncovered is a NSFW Adult Visual Novel created by GeeSeki. He's in charge of the art, story, and programming for this game but he also seeks help, ideas, and opinions heavily from the community.

This is an adventure dating-sim visual novel with many branching dialogue options that have consequences attached to them. 

You play as a senior high school student in a new town. It's only naturally for such a curious, energetic young man to meet new faces, form close relationships, and downright have some bangin' good fun.

During your stay, you discover a mysterious phenomenon with the town, a parallel universe one may say. A world where sex is so acceptable, it'd be as free as eating. Sounds too good to be true, right? There is a catch...

The game is currently in the alpha stage and there is a ton yet to be added and improved on. A new version is to be released every 4-5 weeks to ensure to you awesome people that there is progress made. Rather than ticking off checklists and releasing a game whenever I want, I strive to make sure that you're being shown something new on a consistent basis.

A Town Uncovered is powered by Renpy.

Current Patron-Only Version: Alpha 0.20

Current Public Version: Alpha 0.19

What should I expect at the most recent stage of the development? (Alpha 0.19)
+38 Characters
+43 Individual Locations or 13 Area Locations
+Approx 90,000 words
+Day/Night Cycle
+Calendar System
+Bag and Monetary System
+Skill and Relationship Point System
+Many Branching Dialogues and Paths
+Main Story
+3 Proper Character Side Story
+7 Music Tracks
+Softcore and Hardcore Scenes
+About 5 Hours Gameplay

If you want to support this game and the development process, or you want access to the latest update, check out my Patreon >> https://www.patreon.com/GeeSekiVN


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Alpha 0.19c - WIN
Alpha 0.19c - MAC

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Check out this AWESOME hentai game! It released a few days ago and the art-style is amazing.

Play it here, CLICK


Hi! Have you already played the beta version of Hentai World? If no, then do it now.

Here is the link, CLICK!

How do I increase my luck start. I just can't seem to figure it out.

Play the card game at the comic shop


why has this stopped updating here

After playing the latest version this is definitely a game I'll be supporting on Patreon in October, I hope you meet all your goals GeeSeki


Where is hitomi at the beach ????

you have to wait till weekend morning

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Came for the porn. Stayed for the story.

Jane's side story really hit me in the feels.

Also, I have no idea what to do with Hitomi's side story. Visit the beach? I can't find her.

After mr smith goes out for a few days at night when i go to mrs smith's room there is a goal of looking for her but she's in room but when i click on her Doesn't count. what do I do?

Hey, I am having a issue where, during the main story I got a text to meet at the park, but a random event or something happened I the meeting didn't take place. So I went back to via save file and got the the text scene again, but now, no matter how far along in the week I get, I do not get any text. Also I have tried starting a new game, but now I don't get a text at all... It's a shame because I was quite enjoying this game, and I am enjoying the side stories... but I can't do the main part at all. Any help would be great, thanks. :3

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I liked the game, but the main story was kind of a let down kind of, was hoping to get to know the other world better, and i would really appreciate to know when my choices actually matter in the progression system.

Update: You really could make some speechless sex scenes shorter given that it is just repetition of 2 or 3 imgs in some cases


Is possible get mum pregnant ?


Is this game still being worked on?

yeah i also recomend checking the games website

what is the cheat code


heya small note, the installation through the itch client doesn't work


Still does not work for me.


yep, still not functional.


what's the cheat code


no i don't know if you have send me

I'm really enjoying the game, but it keeps crashing on me. IDK why. Does anyone else have that issue?


Won't let me download at all, actually! Anyone know whats wrong and how to fix it

Better than Summertime Saga in my opinion.

Bruh!! How to find answers  around the town..

Talk with everyone including your mum XD

Can someone help me. I'm stuck here

Is there any sound? I'm not getting any.

Complex game
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Now that I've played the game a bit more, I must say that some of the events got me off guard at times (weird quirky and funny dialogs, followed by sudden left field WTF events like domestic violence). D:

The mother storyline is all over the place and feels disjointed. She has some serious issues...

This game has some really childish humor at one time (d*ck doodles on a whiteboard) followed by heavy subject matters the next (talking about not doing drugs, and domestic violence).

Personally I think the creator should have sticked to one type or the other, now it's a mixed bag. It's like the game doesn't know what it wants to be. Sticking to either one of these in my opinion would have improved the game.

My favorite character is the dog in the park by the way . He puts a smile on my face each and everytime :). I named him Samson (dutch and belgian people will get the joke).

I get the reference XD 

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Summertime Saga on crack! Good God! Absolutely bonkers! Made me think of southpark in some ways due to all the over the top weirdness of the characters and the way they speak and interact.

Art style is kinda hit and miss for me. At times it looks actually pretty nice,  at other moments it looks like an ugly early 2000 flash game (akwardly animated sex scenes)... Wish the quality was a bit more consistent.

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ok so a few questions before i download : can we customize character like buy clothes,change hair or piercings ect and are there yaoi options or only female options?? and can we get tattoos because yum, btw did you notice the dad from what i can see of his picture looks like the dad from inside out? and how do we hang out with jacob????????

That will be a nope (no customizing his rims, sorry). 

Concerning the M/M, maybe? I'm not sure, I haven't played the game long enough or tried all the choices. Considering you can raise affection with almost all of the in game characters (male and female) I suspect you can get some gay action somewhere along the road (but don't know if that's a thing now or will be in future versions). Currently it seems it's mostly mother/sister incest, M/F and F/F as I have seen ingame.

well more jacob interaction hasn't been added yet so we can't know for sure :/


i dont usually play story base game like this, but this game change m mind about it. Love it so much ( the mom part is the best), keep the good work and hope to see the full game or another one like this (hope it free too =))

sorry for the terrible english T_T

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You should try Summertime Saga then (if you haven't) as this game was clearly inspired by it.  I think you would probably like that one as well. Simular game (created with renpy) with decent production values and original artwork and animations (and it's free!).

Just google the title and you'll find it right away. Personally I prefer Summertime Saga  over this (it has better artwork, written characters and storylines), but I can understand the quirky appeal of A Town Uncovered.


I love this so far! I have one question though, I have to visit the beach to continue Hitomi's side quest but I go there and I find this girl who is undressing in the changing rooms and she disappears but the quest doesn't update and I'm not sure where to go from there.

When will the final game be released?


Using the itch.io client presently, and for some reason it does not want to download this version of the game. There are no error messages, that I can see.


Hi there, same happening here.
The problem, afaik, is that the game is NOT hosted in itch.io, but in mega instead, so im guessing that the problem is the interaction between the 2 servers. Hope they fix it soon enough...

Deleted post
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Fixed yet? Won't let me install; please help!

so i got the the snack on your patreon, may i ask how it works?

Loved this! Can't wait for more of this (if there will be)!

Interesting! Looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks, Alpha 0.03 - Public Release is going live in a few days! :D

Great artwork!


I love the alpha version of this game already! Good artwork. The kitchen whiteboard doodles made me laugh. Look forward to the game's full version. Oh, here's a short gameplay video with music added.

Bro ,how to find answers around the town..