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An  18+ visual novel with adventure game and dating sim elements,  A Town Uncovered has you play as a transfer student settling into his new home.

You soon discover a mysterious phenomenon with the town, a sort of parallel universe  where sex is so acceptable, it's done as freely as eating. However, there is a catch- and you soon find yourself wrapped up in a sticky situation.

Along the way you will meet new faces, form close relationships, and  have some downright bangin' good fun.

- Meet and romance a huge and colorful cast of over 50 characters!

- Explore a quirky and unique town with SO many unique locations!

- Pleasure yourself to erotic scenes, both of the hardcore and softcore variety!

- Jam out to a hand crafted OST featuring 7 custom made tracks!

- Employ a variety of systems and mechanics! Day/Night cycle! Inventory! Money!

- Uncover the mystery behind the town through our deep, branching narrative!

+Over 50 Characters
+74 Individual Locations or 31 Area Locations
+Approx 460,000 words
+Day/Night Cycle & Calendar System
+RPG, Inventory, and Monetary System
+Dating Sim
+Many Branching Dialogues and Paths
+COMPLETE Main Story (with temporary assets)
+A Growing Library of Character Side Stories!
+Original Music
+Approx 80+ Softcore and Hardcore Scenes
+About 20 Hours of Content
*Last updated September 2023

-Exhibitionism/ Public

Support the game on Patreon to get access to exclusive builds and help us fund more content. 

The game is currently in ongoing development and we are still adding plenty of new and improved content! We release new versions  every two months.

We currently have 2 programmers, 1 writer, and myself, the artist. It's only possible thanks to everyone supporting the game actively.

In addition to helping the active development of this massive project, you'll be granted access to the LATEST VERSION of the game and CHEATS!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(236 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Exploration, NSFW, Point & Click, Ren'Py, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button
LinksSupport, Twitter


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Alpha 0.28c - WIN (OFFICIAL DEMO)
Alpha 0.28c - MAC (OFFICIAL DEMO)

Development log


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I liked the game good job to the developer, I was wondering if it still needs to be updated or is it already finished

Hello Community.   I am a new player of this game (Atownuncovered), my congrats to the team that is developing this content.  I just want to share my opinion on how this game starts,  It has a sublaminar message about Black Girls in the game, The black characters in the game are the only ones that have sex without any conditions.  why is that?  Are you implying that the black community in this game must jump into sex with MC just because he is white?  is the development team promoting racist ideology?

I hope I am not offending anyone,  I just wanted to share my first impression after playing the game for 5 minutes.

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I only met 3 black girls and she didnt want to fuck
Met several white ones who fucked almost right away besides some talking

where black girl scenes?

How do I get into the night club? it keeps saying I don't know anyone who goes there? I got the step with Jane to go there but can't figure out how to get in.

admin มีแบบภาษาไทยไหมครับ

I haven't played this game in a year or two, but when I did play it, I absolutely loved it. PLanning to get back into it again


how to beat the strongest guy at the fightclub? 

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Not entirely sure how to constantly guarantee it but I believe luck (comic shop board game or whatever) is involved. Once you can no longer gain Strength from the medium fight option get luck up at least three and try a few times… It’s been a month or more so I don’t really remember 100% but it’s something like that, I believe the same goes for the rest such as studying and possibly story chances or something like that I really don’t remember.

What I don’t understand is when the parallel universe thing comes up if MC is already fucking everyone… did I miss something or what? Also the theatre skips a TON of content and doesn’t make sense so I guess it’s meant to be clicked on way later but if so why is it available so early?


are you going to put the pay version her?

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what the hell its confusesing why is this official demo what game have this to other update can any one explain pls if dev can explain i will be satisfy thank 


where can i download the Mac edition of the full game? Steam does not have it

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if you couldn't read the downloads they say "DEMO"


You have Jerk in your username, fits well...

Can anyone give me the discord link of a town uncovered


"So, you're new in town? And clearly 18 YEARS OLD, JUST LIKE ALL OF US! What brings you here?"

"My LANDLORD's job was relocated here."

"Wait, so you just follow your Landlord aroun-"

"YES! There's nothing strange about that! My relationship with him and his family is way-way-way above board, alright?! Even if there's a picture of me as a young child, living with my Landlord and his family in my Landlord and Landlady's bedroom, alright!? Nothing's going on! And thanks for the milkshake..."

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Lots of game sites have an incest ban, so parents are replaced with landlords, and siblings are replaced with roommates.  Most of them let you replace it with new relationships, so long as they're not the ones putting it in directly they can get away with it that way.  Just accept it and move on.


Aww dang this game seems cool, shame there isnt an android version but best of luck

There used to be an android version, I believe GeeSeki had somebody port updates to Android but the person doing the ports quit at around ver 0.18

There is a version .44 over on f95zone


if i buy it in steam will it have proper pronouns?
i mean, not that landlady/house mate/ etc things

Nope, still gotta manually change it, I think it's so he doesn't get in trouble


are their any gay options or are you planning on adding any?

What's the difference between the demo and the official?


the demo is free and is stuck at 0.28,

the official has the up to date versions yet it costs money.

if I were you I would save your money till they finish the game, it's buggy super buggy being a big renpy project.

But in my opinion I don't ever think they will finish the game cuz most games on this site flop after halfway though

hey when will start the hot scenes it just stops


Gay rute?


Any chance purchase of the full game will be done here? I don't buy adult games on my steam for.. reasons.


Yeah, of course! We'll have the full game available here as well as Steam.


Hey will there ever be a pregnancy thing for the game because Jane and Mrs landlord are my wives and I want kids if you can make that happen I will forever be in your favor.


the link doesnt work

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Cool game and all but fuck the land lady,its where the husband fucked the land lady on the couch and after that why she gotta act like such a bitch.Its normal for couples to have sex like im not mad about that she had sex im just mad what happened next.Im sorry but after that its such a turn off,dont even feel like playing this game anymore anyways fuck the land lady selfish ass dumb hoe.Yall stay safe tho,"have some downright bangin' good fun." Like why it was such a great game before that shit has to happened ffs man

So I think if you have enough strength or at least your stats are maxed, you can go back down the stairs and kick his ass and she will go up stairs with you.

thanks fellow bleach fan but i already deleted the game tho,summertime saga was really good and i cant wait for TYBW.


well when you get the chance try it again, cause it has a lot of offer, especially the full version. But summertime saga is really good too. Also same, I'm hyped for TYBW 

Deleted 1 year ago

WHat is TYBW

Also I recommend either buying the game or maybe finding a third source if you wanna be cheap. But I also recommend Summertime Saga if you haven't played it yet, both the same concept but different story and art style. 


Guys help me to find answers around the city


Guys, they aren't gonna update the free version, this is just a demo for their bigger and more updated Steam version. And warning it's not all that great either if you want public sex you can't really get it here, the flipped dimension of this world is way more of a tease, than actual sex, Also it has so many bugs that Bethesda would be jealous. save your wallet, and enjoy other free porn games on this site. 

I would recommend harem hotel, hero's harem guild, Twisted world, and Monster Girl Dreams.

if we buy the game on steam, do we get the same perks as someone support your patreon or no?  

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The only thing you will get is the rest of the game this is a demo basically.
they gave up updating this demo.

there is a "Full" version on steam but that is filled with bugs and I have a feeling that the creator is going to stop updating it and work on a new project

ahh thanks for the info! 

im not sure if you know this but on steam atleast, they are updating the game regularly, just thought i'd let you know 

Oh I know but their updates are very buggy since it's just a huge renpy project I would save you money till it's fully out but I have a feeling they are going to stop halfway though like most indie devs


Ahh gotcha gotcha, okay. thanks for the info bro! 

no problem dude!

Help, this was after you joined them in the bedroom

I also ran into this issue after it reached chapter 15 according to the in game computer progress.

Anyone else this same issue when trying to download it?

'The file you are trying to download is no longer available'




I think the dev has moved this game to Patreon only. I went to the Patreon page and saw that there are newer versions of the game.

where is the fight club??

Side of the school at night. Lights're on, can't miss it.


The project is dead?🤔


itso n steam of f95 fif your feeling cheeky

No, but it's now only on steam and other paying versions of the game think of this of a demo now

Can any one pls tell me how to increase MC's Skill levels without cheating 


You likely found your answer by now but I'll write this for anyone else who wants an answer:

Intelligence is increased once a day at school by studying
Charisma is increased at night via the club
Strength is increased at night at the cafeteria by fighting
Stamina is increased once a day by running at the park
Luck will be implemented in a later build of the game.

Hope this helps.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Pretty sure this is as good as the demo's getting for a while without paying for the steam release


How LGBT friendly is the game?


It mainly caters to a straight / male audience.


I guess that has it's place as well. Thanks


Will the Steam version be different?

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So playing the new version and ok I'm going to say it. Assuming theres any sort of multiple choose your partner ending. My first playthrough would be Jane. But my second would be Luna. She's an amazing character. Most of the characters are fascinating in their own rights. if this was a traditional dating sim I'd want to get pretty much any of the characters ending. Shoutouts to the ghans who I think may be a bit of a tribute to Hanniferjane the trio of not quite bullies from Longstory. Also Zariah is fun.


Run into a bug talking about day 7 and if I sleep through it the bug pops up for day 8 couldn't find gui main clock.

Also I got as far as the jane breastfeeding where do we unlock the rest?


This dev is trash. one of the laziest people on patreon.


I'm curious to your argument why?

Deleted 2 years ago

Well, now that i have played the demo, definitly i'm looking foward to play the steam version (AND HOPE IT IS NOT CENSURED) and help at least in my way to help the developers (even i don't know how exactly it works but ok).

I hope to see this game shine like a diamond.

When's the next update?

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the game is still being updated, problem is, is that the latest builds are on patreon, the latest version is Alpha 0.30, released on the 14th of September, 2020.

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Absolutely love the game. Not an absolute fan of the artwork and animation, but I'm fine with it for the most part. The story writing for the characters are great, though I'm not a fan of the main story, to me, it conflicts with the sense of style the rest of the game has. It's like watching a romance comedy only to suddenly be hit with horror jump scares as the movie script tries to shove down your throat the fact that the film is meant to be Horror with hints of rom-com.I'd love a gallery feature to added, where you can revisit *cough* sensual *cough* scenes. Loving the stories of the romanceable characters, they really make you feel connected to the characters as you help them through their highs and lows. By far one of my favourite NSFW Visual Novels! Keep up the good work.


Just posted a video, where I recommend the game! Hope more people get to know this super fun game. Much success GeeSeki

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